The Easy Way To Ensure Cut Cake Doesn't Dry Out

2022-09-17 00:37:30 By : Mr. Wenliang Shao

Cake has been around since the ancient Egyptians, per the Warmoven blog. In fact, according to the Loveland Reporter-Herald, the Egyptians were not only adept at making cakes, but they were also the first to create large-scale bakeries and the first to use yeast to make their cake creations rise. So naturally, cakes and what we use to make them have evolved over the years, but what hasn't changed is how much we enjoy eating them. Bake reports that when we go to our favorite local bakery, we are most likely purchasing a yummy cake which comprises 24% of the establishment's sales — the largest percentage of total bakery sales, even outranking cookies which make up just 12% of sales.

And let's face it, there is such a variety of cakes, it's no wonder we like this dessert. Whether you are a fan of a traditional, homemade chocolate layer cake that makes you go back for a second, love to bake the classic white cake recipe your mom gave you, find yourself at the grocery store buying a pound cake to share with co-workers, or making an easy tres leches cake for your next celebration, chances are you are going to wind up with a little leftover dessert from time to time. When this rare moment occurs, we have an easy hack to ensure your cake doesn't dry out.

According to a TikTok video that has received 64.6k likes and a lot of chitter chatter, a TikToker named Daniela shares a smart hack to preserve leftover cake from drying out. In the video, Daniela takes a rectangular piece of parchment paper, large enough to cover the exposed sides of the cake where the wedge has been cut, and covers it lightly with the paper. By doing this, you will ensure your cake isn't dry and hard the next morning when you go to have a slice in the morning to go along with your cup of coffee.

Many fans of this trick were quick on the wit, asking what leftover cake is. While another shared, "You can also do that with ice cream, so it doesn't get freezer burnt, that is if you have any leftover." Good to know! The Spruce Eats notes that when it comes to keeping your leftover cake moist, the most important thing to remember is not to keep it in the refrigerator. It will go stale much faster than if you had left it on the counter. In fact, they recommend putting your leftover cake in the freezer if you still have any left after three days of being stored at room temperature.