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2022-09-24 01:34:35 By : Ms. Lisa Lou

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - Santa Fe College received 11 commercial-grade freezers from Trane Technologies.

City officials, staff, and spectators gathered at the Perry Center to have a first look at the products.

The freezers are used for research on cell culture and COVID-19 manufacturing and get down to -80 degrees Celsius.

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Holly Paeper, president of Life Science Solutions a division of Trane Technologies, said donating these freezers will help students get hands-on experience before they head off into bioprocessing careers.

“It’s really around learning how to store those materials that are fragile that need to be stored at these very cold temperatures,” said Paeper. “In prep for the large-scale work they’ll do once they’re in the biotech and pharmaceutical space.”

Santa Fe College President Paul Broadie said he’s excited about the educational opportunities the students will have.

“It’s just an exciting day,” said Broadie. “I’m so thankful to Trane and Farrar Scientific for the generous gift that will impact every discipline that’s taught here at the Perry Center.”

It’s the latest way Santa Fe College is preparing students for the future.

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