Autistic Sainsbury's shopper suing after cat banned from supermarket - Birmingham Live

2022-05-28 17:16:30 By : Mr. Ray- XinShuo composite technology

Sainsbury's says the cat poses a food hygiene risk.

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A man who is autistic is suing Sainsbury’s for banning his CAT. The shopper says it’s unfair - because the supermarket giant lets guide dogs in.

Ian Fenn, who was diagnosed with autism two years ago, says Chloe the rescue cat sits on his shoulders and stops him from feeling "overwhelmed" and "anxious". Sainsbury's says the cat poses a food hygiene risk.

Ian fumed: "In the end I was so upset I left the store and went home. Essentially, I shut down. I became overwhelmed. I was very upset as well and that would have happened much sooner had Chloe not been there.

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"I did lose confidence because... these kind of things happen so often to disabled people they have a name, which is access refusals. Chloe does not affect anyone else.

"I just want to go to a supermarket, get my stuff and go. I had plans for the following day and I cancelled them because I didn't have the confidence to leave the house. Because having a cat like this is unusual I'm pragmatic about it so I email or contact every business I visit in advance, if I possibly can. I have done that with over 200 places."

A Sainsbury's spokesperson said: "We want to be an inclusive retailer where people love to work and shop, and understand that some of our colleagues and customers may need support in our stores. At the same time, safety is our highest priority and our colleagues are trained to balance maintaining our high food hygiene standards with supporting all our customers who shop with us. We are in contact with the local environmental health team to see if there are ways we can help Mr Fenn to visit our store without compromising this."

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