WATCH: Bear Opens Refrigerator, Eats Cake Inside California Home | iHeart

2022-09-24 01:25:44 By : Ms. Shirley Always Eighteen

A lone black bear found its way into a California home on Sunday and decided to hang out in the kitchen for awhile. According to KTLA, the bear entered through an open door of a house located off of Blossom Street in Simi Valley. The first thing on the menu for this wandering, curious bear was cake from the refrigerator, and can we blame him?

KTLA mentioned that temperatures in Simi Valley reached well over 100 degrees this weekend, giving the bear reason to seek this rather unwelcoming place of shelter. Police were immediately notified when the bear was discovered inside of the home. One brave police officer wearing a body camera went into the home to help direct the bear back into the wild. The Simi Valley Police Department took to Facebook to share footage of the event, and to give locals tips on what to do if a bear enters your property.

Bear entered Simi Valley Residence On Saturday, September 3, 2022, at approximately 6 pm, the Simi Valley Police Department received two calls from residents of a bear sighting. The bear was sighted in the back yards of residences in the 5700 block of Cherokee Cir. One of the residents reported the bear was rummaging through their trash and swimming in the pool. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife was contacted. On Sunday, September 4, 2022, at approximately 10 am, the Simi Valley Police Department received a 9-1-1 call from a resident in the 2600 block of Blossom St. The resident reported a bear was in her house and that she and her son were locked in the bedrooms upstairs. The bear entered her residence through an open kitchen door. Upon arrival at the residence, the officers obtained the keys from the homeowner through the second-story window. The officers unlocked the front door and entered the residence armed with a less lethal launcher. The launcher deploys a large rubber projectile and was intended to be used on the bear to scare it out of the residence. As the officers entered the residence, they observed the bear in the kitchen. It appeared the bear ate a freshly baked cake and rummaged through the refrigerator. The bear was scared off by the officers’ presence and ran out the door and into the backyard. The bear then left the backyard and climbed a tree. After 10 minutes, the bear climbed down and retreated back into the hills. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife was notified about the bear in the area. The Simi Valley Police Department would like to remind residents of the following to prevent possible bear encounters and if there is a bear in your backyard. •Secure trash cans and remove any attractants such as pet food and bird feeders. •Enclose your compost pile. •Keep your grill clean and free of drippings as possible. •Check your yard before letting out your dog. •Stay calm and do not approach the bear. •From a safe distance, make loud noises, shout, or bang pots and pans to scare the bear away.

In a positive turn of events, no instruments were used to remove the bear from the home. The presence of the officer was enough to scare the bear out of the house and back into its natural habitat.